Hearing and Doing the Word

Pastor Wayne Braun continued his sermon series, "Doorways to Spiritual Growth" with his message on 9/30/18, "Hearing and Doing the Word" based on James 1:18-25.   "I read my Bible.  I hear the sermon. I attend Bible study.  Sometimes I feel better for awhile.  Yet I never really change. Why?"  Too often we keep God out on the front porch, but never allow His word to take up residence in our lives.  Being a doer of the word means letting God do something about the mess in our lives.  He has purpose for giving us His word: He wants to save us.  He wants to transform us.  He wants to reshape us in the image of Christ.  He is a God who practices what He promises.  He is the God who blesses us by giving His promises and keeping them.  We need not fear stepping out in faith to be both a hearer and a doer of the word. That's when the word of God becomes a doorway to spiritual growth in your life...when by faith you become a hearer and a doer. 

Chris Gould