Growing in the Grace of Giving

Pastor Wayne Braun continued his sermon series, "Doorways to Growth" with his message on 11/4/18 entitled, "Giving - Growing in the Grace of Giving" from 2 Corinthians 8:7-9. Giving as an adult is no different than giving as a kid - we gave what our parents provided.  Now we give from what God provides.  God does not provide for us so that we can be stingy and live a life worrying about our stuff.  He has provided all that we have that we might be generous in our giving to family, to friends, to others in need, to church and more.  The problem is ownership.  The things we think we own, end up owning us.  The only owner of everything is God!  When He owns us, those other things can no longer own you or me. 

In addition, it was Lutheran Women Missionary League Sunday and Tracie Hollis, President of Lady Fishers (our LWML chapter) gave a temple talk about what LWML does.

Chris Gould