Cross Purposes - Cleansing God's Temple

Pastor Wayne Braun continues his sermon series, Cross Purposes, with his message on 3/6/18 entitled, "Cleansing God's Temple".   In scripture, there are many places referred to as God's temple.  The tabernacle (Exodus 40:38), the temple (1 Kings 8:29), Jesus himself (John 2:19) (John 2:21) (John 1:14), us (Eph 2:21), and each individual believer (1Cor 6:19).  Jesus and the people who believe in Him, not the buildings are the house of God.  Jesus' love for God's people is behind the anger of Jesus in our text as he drove the money changers out of the temple. (John 2:15-16)  What does Jesus find when He comes to His Father's house here at Fishers?  What does Jesus find when He looks into YOUR  heart and mine?  Zeal for God's house and love for God's people?

Chris Gould