Easter Imperatives - Believe

Pastor Wayne Braun continued his Sermon series, "Easter Imperatives" with his message on 4/15/18 entitled, "Believe" from John 20: 24-31.  In areas of faith, every one of us has doubts.  If one of the Apostles had a faith struggle, why should anyone be surprised that we do? (John 20:25)  How does one come to such doubts and struggles of faith?  By isolating ourselves, disillusionment and disappointment, theological questions, guilt.  The truth is that believing is hard, in fact for us believing is impossible.  God knows all about our faith struggles.  His response is grace.  Through His word, God might give us what is impossible - the gift of faith.  Through our faith struggles, God grows us so that we can be a blessing to the faith of others.  Jesus who spoke His Easter imperative to you and me now speaks that imperative through you and me.   

Chris Gould