Easter Imperatives - Make Disciples!

Pastor Wayne Braun continued his sermon series entitled, "Easter Imperatives" with his message on April 29, 2018, "Make Disciples" based on Matthew 28:18-20.  There is only one imperative in the Great Commission - "Make Disciples".  Discipleship is the life long process by which a person is reshaped to be more and more like Jesus.  How are disciples made?  First, Jesus says "Go" (Mathew 28:19) Next Jesus sends us baptizing.  Third, Jesus sends us teaching.  There are two very important things to know about God's mission.  First, God's mission is all about Jesus.  (John 14:6)  Secondly, this is the Great Co-mission.  The work is not all up to us! (Matthew 28:20)  Faith is HIS work!  God has not called us to be successful.  He has called us to be faithful!

Chris Gould