Parents: Honored and Honorable

Pastor Wayne Braun continues his sermon series on the Ten Commandments called "A Good Way to Go" with his message on 6/24/18 entitled, "Parents: Honored and Honorable". This is based on the 4th Commandment from Exodus 20:12 and Deuteronomy 5:16.  So what does it mean to honor parents?  To honor your parents is to value them highly.  It is to recognize that they are worth their weight in gold.  We do this in three ways.  first, we obey them.  Second we imitate them.  Third, we bless them.  Honoring our parents isn't always easy.  One reason it's not easy is simple - we are sinners.  A second reason - there are parents who are not honorable.  The key to it all is for your family relationships to be planted firmly in the soil of your faith in God.

Chris Gould