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FAQ & information about hosting a trunk

Are there any guidelines for decorating my vehicle’s trunk?
Your trunk decorations should be family-friendly (no scary/gory decorations or weapons). For inspiration, see examples of decorated trunks here.
We encourage you to incorporate a game or interactive activity with your trunk theme. See examples of games here.

Do I need to provide my own treats to hand out?
Please bring a container to pass out candy from. You are welcome to come prepared with your own candy or arrive with your container pre-filled (ALL candy must be individually wrapped, no homemade items). Donated candy & toys will be distributed to the trunks throughout the event, so if your container is getting low, let an event volunteer know and they will get you refilled.

Do I need to be in costume?
Dressing up in costume is optional, but strongly encouraged. Again, keep your costume family-friendly.

What time do I need to arrive at the event? Can I leave early if needed?
For the safety of the families/children attending this event, your vehicle MUST be parked in its reserved spot by 2:30pm. You can arrive earlier if time is needed to set up your decorations. We will begin handing out candy at 3pm. Please plan to have your vehicle in its reserved spot until the end of the event (6pm). Should you need to step away from your vehicle during the event, please flag down an event volunteer to take your place during your absence.

What if I need additional space for setting up my trunk?
Let us know in advance so we can reserve two side-by-side parking spots for you.

Any additional questions or concerns?
Please contact Kellye Crouch, our Children’s Ministry Coordinator